Saturday, June 18, 2011

John Deere Tiered Cake

A Lil' Cow...

A Lil' Chick..

A Lil' Pig...

And some Johne Deere! Every little boy's dream. Emree had his 1 year John Deere themed birthday party in the park and this super yummy cake to add to the fun! The only thing I did not make on this cake was the little tractor on top. His mom ordered it online and brought it to me a few weeks before I made the Cake. All of the lil' farm animals are made out of gumpaste and the flavors are white almond and golden butter....yum yum! Emree's "piece" was the topper....a 6" "smash cake" for him to devour. One of my favorite details were the corn stalks, but I didn't get any good pictures of those! Anyways, they are on the 1st tier. I LOVED making this cake. People keeps asking me if I want a boy or a girl...either is fine but after making this cake I keep thinking of all the cool ideas for little boy's birthdays :)


  1. oh my stars, this is amazing!! you are so talented, tricia :)

  2. Thank You so much for our cake we loved it so much!!!! Yes you are AMAZING!! Thanks Emree's Mom :)