Saturday, November 20, 2010

Look Whoo's One!

Some of my favorite cakes to make are First Birthday cakes. I love all of the cute birthday themes that are out now. This one was for a little girl and the theme was "Look Whoo's One". Dave and I both agree this is now our favorite. I am going to miss our little owl friend who will soon be smashed by the birthday girl. Yum Yum! The biggest layer is white almond, middle chocolate and the top "smash" cake is white almond as well.

Rubik's Cube Cake

This cake was made for an 80's themed birthday party. I can't believe how heavy it was!! The inside is white almond and I had to make 6 - 10" square cakes to make it a perfect square. It was difficult trying to get everything even. I spend a lot of time with a ruler in hand. Before I began this cake I thought to myself "a big square with cut out squares should be easy." Each time I make a cake , Dave reminds me I shouldn't say that because that never happens! I was super excited about getting this order because my customer found me linked to another fun :) That means people are reading and I don't even know it!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I love the weekends :)

It's Saturday night and I must say that I am a VERY  blessed hubby is making dinner tonight. Not Tuna Helper or microwaved chicken breast (like he would make for me when we dated). Yes, I did say microwaved chicken and boy it was chewy!! I happened to be upstairs cleaning the bathroom and came down to find him in my apron and just had to snap a pic so here it is:

He's making manicotti btw :)

Unfortionately, I only have one cake to post about today! I am very sad because last weekend I had three cakes to post pics of and my memory card crashed. For some odd reason I can't get my pictures off of it. If you know of anyway to fix it please let me know! I always look forward to the pictures after making cakes because it is the only tangible thing I have left from my artwork (since they usually get eaten).

Here is a cake I made this weekend for a bachelorette/birthday party. I was able to do whatever I wanted so I went with pink and black and came up with this fun design. I hope the girls enjoyed it!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sailboat Cake

Here is another cake I made for Justin and Cassandra's wedding. This was the groom's cake and they also had it at the reception. Justin is a big Miami fan so Cassandra requested that the sail have the Miami logo on it. There were a few other "inside" jokes that she wanted on the cake. The water was a last minute detail! I felt like I was on one of those cake shows with only a few minutes left to finish up. I was going to just used blue buttercream icing, but I didn't like how it looked. I always tell my art students when they paint water to mix lots of different blues and greens together because water isn't just blue. I also remind them their water doesn't need to look "perfect" becuase it is always moving. I love using the lessons I teach my students...I need to learn how to follow my own advice :) Anywho, I painted a few of the waves with white food coloring. I just discovered white food btw.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cassandra and Justin's Wedding Cake

Congratulations Justin and Cassandra! The Johns' got hitched this past weekend and I had the honor of making their cake. I really enjoyed making this cause because Justin designed the pattern I used (it was also on their invitation, etc.). He is an artist and has his own canvas printing business. I must say that I was a little initmidated because he is very talented and their reception was absolutely gooorrrgeouss! I think Spider Mums are my new favorite flower. I took the topper home with me and they are now on our coffee table :)
I cut out the fondant pattern using an exacto knife and a print-out of the design Justin designed. The night before their wedding I dreamed about this design (since I spent quite a bit of that day cutting it out) :)

Guinness Cake

Wow, it's been a while since I have had a chance to write! I have been super busy with lots and lots of cakes the last few weeks. Here is one that my roomie (from college) ordered for our friends Matt and Jennifer Embry. They recently got married and had a party after the wedding and reception - how fun!

I covered the cake board with fondant and make it look like wood. I love painting with food coloring!

Here is the foamy top close up. Can you guess what I used to make it look foamy?? I love how realistic this turned out!