Friday, October 28, 2011

Polka Dot Pumpkin

I love Fall. Fall is full of pumkin spice latte's, my birthday, the fair, and those cool evenings when I get to snuggle in the PJ's! Lately, I have been making a ton of clay pumpkins with my 5th grade students and they are turning out so cute. I would loe to start a blog one day with all of their art...they are quite talented kids and always surprise me with their creativity!
Anwyays, I have been in the pumpkin mood lately and my friend Stephanie asked me to make a 1st birthday cake for her little girl. The party was full of little girls dressing up and lots of pink and orange. Steph told me I could come up with anything and I love being able to do that! Anywho, here is the final product. I made the pumpkin shape by baking two bundt cakes, one chocolate and one vanilla. I hope the kiddos enjoyed it! Happy 1st Birthday Emma!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quilted Pink Gerbera Daisy Wedding Cake (quite a mouthful ;) )

Hello again! Here are some pics of the most recent wedding cake I made. This is the last wedding cake I am making before Baby Esh gets here. If he is on time, we only have about 5 1/2 weeks to go!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sweet 16

I recently made this super girly and fun cake for one of my former students. She was in my 8th grade class a couple of years back and I can't believe she is already 16. She is quite a talented artist and I was so honored that she picked me to make her Sweet 16 cake! I am lovin' the girly colors and popular zebra print. Hope the party was so much fun!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Dave!

I can't believe my hubby is now the BIG 3-0! We celebrated last weekend with a few traditions and completed it with a surprise party to end his special day.

We started the day off with a dozen donuts from Dunkin'! For the past 3 years I have surprised Dave with a "donut tree" complete with candles. Usually, there are so many candles it gets pretty smoky so I settled for the number candles this year. Dave, please don't get mad at me for posting this pic...I know you have some major "bed head" ;) You're still pretty handsome to me!
Did I mention Dave had a "Saturday birthday" this year? Weekend b-days are the best ever! Anywho, Rebekah and I bought Dave this way cool remote control helicopter. He loves it, but Daisy sure doesn't. She gets so scared when we are flying it around the kitchen and runs to hide. Poor thing, it's kinda funny to watch though.

Next, we treated ourselves to Macaroni Grill! I wrote "Happy Birthday Dave" on the table to see if we would get anything free (even though we had cake back home) and they brought us a yummy molten cake. We love some free birthday treats. I had to sneak Dave out of the house so my good friend Abby could get everything ready for Dave's surprise party. We killed some time walking around the mall and headed home....

And SURPRISE! We ended the night with a surprise party at our house. Somehow I kept the cake and everything a I think it was a success. I have always wanted to make a "topsy turvy" cake and decided it might be fun for this year. I must admit, it was quite a challenge! I thought I could just cut the pieces diagonal and stick them on top of each other. Hmmm...reality check. Despite taking it apart, re-assembling it, and a few tears I got it to somehow work out and look "topsy turvy". I also tried a new flavor - cookies n' cream!
Happy 30th to my wonderful, sweet and handsome baby daddy! I love you!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spa Birthday Cake

Rachel is our sweet neighbor who we met because our dogs became best friends!  She moved here with her family all the way from California and we quickley became friends with her family. We are sad to not have them as neighbors soon, but are sure we will stay in touch! Daisy won't be able to live without having regular playdates with Cosmo :)

Rachel has also been planning her Spa Birthday party for a while. She had a sleepover complete with facial masks and nailpolish. Oh to be 11 again!

Everything was edible and made out of fondant. The inside was a butter cake with chocolate buttercream icing. I have to say that this kind of cake is my favorite to make - 3D and girly.

Rachel's Spa Birthday Cake! Super girly and fun to make!

Rachel's monogrammed spa slippers

Happy Fall Ya'll!

Owl Cupcakes

The owl family...mamma, pappa, little girl and baby boy

So I finally have some time to catch up on some blogging! I am at Emerald Isle this weekeend and and so thankful for this time away to relax with some girlfriends before little Baby Esh gets here :)

These cupcakes were made for one my 5th grade students. She has been planning her birthday ever since the beginning of the school year (back in July) and knew exactly what she wanted.  She is quite the party planner! She brought in these cute owl stickers which inspired the little owls that I made out of fondant. The cupcakes were butter cake with buttercream icing. I heard the pool/owl party was super fun!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Matt and Liz's Wedding Cake

I love summer and this cake screams "summer" to me. Maybe it's cause of the beautiful sunflower on top. I made this cake for our friend's Matt and Liz. It was my first "ruffle cake" and reminded me of "Ruffle Tuesdays" at work. Tracy (one of my BFF's at work) always wears ruffles on Tuesdays and I try to remember to as well. It has become a weekly tradtion.
 Anywho, I made these ruffles our of gumpaste and covered the cake with fondant. The ruffles were pretty time consuming. I basically rolled out strips and pushed down harder on one side when I rolled them out. You can also make gumpaste flowers that way. Maybe if I took some pics of the process it would make more sense :)
One more side note on this cake, my hubby took these super duper creative photos. I was really proud of him! I am really not the best photographer (I like way tooooo many other forms of art to start photography) and was excited to see him grab my camera and go to town. I didn't know he had it in him. He was even on the floor at one point. I think he has graduated from delivery boy to photographer.  
Have a fabulous weekend and stay out of Hurricane Irene!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3D Soccer Cake

Ok, so I must admit that I am super proud of this cake. It took me over 8 hours just to decorate, not including baking time, etc. It was for a rehearsal dinner and the groom is a big time soccer player. The groom's mom secretly took pictures off all her of son's soccer gear and emailed them to me. I then made replica's by carving the cake and using lots of fondant. Everything is cake and I hear the bride and groom each got a soccer cleat :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kristen and Doug's Wedding Cake

Kristen and Doug got married this past weekend and requested this beautiful cake. I met with them back in January and she already knew what cake she wanted! It was my famous white almond with buttercream and fondant. Rebekah, my sister went with me to set it up, which was a big help! Congrats Kristen and Doug!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Boston Red Sox Cake

I actually made this cake for a baby shower! The mom to be didn't want anything babyish and they are both Red Sox fans. Dave was not very happy with me when I was making this cake and wanted me to surprise them with a Yankee's cake. Good thing he is not in the cake business and I only hire him once in a while ;)

A Fun Summer Birthday Cake!

Dianna asked me to make a birthday cake for one of her friends and here is the fnished product! I was happy to have my sister's help with it :) It is a two tier white almond cake and is covered with buttercream and fondant.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

John Deere Tiered Cake

A Lil' Cow...

A Lil' Chick..

A Lil' Pig...

And some Johne Deere! Every little boy's dream. Emree had his 1 year John Deere themed birthday party in the park and this super yummy cake to add to the fun! The only thing I did not make on this cake was the little tractor on top. His mom ordered it online and brought it to me a few weeks before I made the Cake. All of the lil' farm animals are made out of gumpaste and the flavors are white almond and golden butter....yum yum! Emree's "piece" was the topper....a 6" "smash cake" for him to devour. One of my favorite details were the corn stalks, but I didn't get any good pictures of those! Anyways, they are on the 1st tier. I LOVED making this cake. People keeps asking me if I want a boy or a girl...either is fine but after making this cake I keep thinking of all the cool ideas for little boy's birthdays :)