Saturday, August 27, 2011

Matt and Liz's Wedding Cake

I love summer and this cake screams "summer" to me. Maybe it's cause of the beautiful sunflower on top. I made this cake for our friend's Matt and Liz. It was my first "ruffle cake" and reminded me of "Ruffle Tuesdays" at work. Tracy (one of my BFF's at work) always wears ruffles on Tuesdays and I try to remember to as well. It has become a weekly tradtion.
 Anywho, I made these ruffles our of gumpaste and covered the cake with fondant. The ruffles were pretty time consuming. I basically rolled out strips and pushed down harder on one side when I rolled them out. You can also make gumpaste flowers that way. Maybe if I took some pics of the process it would make more sense :)
One more side note on this cake, my hubby took these super duper creative photos. I was really proud of him! I am really not the best photographer (I like way tooooo many other forms of art to start photography) and was excited to see him grab my camera and go to town. I didn't know he had it in him. He was even on the floor at one point. I think he has graduated from delivery boy to photographer.  
Have a fabulous weekend and stay out of Hurricane Irene!



  1. Tricia, absolutely stunning!

  2. i LOVE that you made their cake! i sang at that wedding, and when we got to the reception, i was wondering who made the beautiful cake :)