Tuesday, February 28, 2012

College Mascot Cake Topper

Ok, I am super excited about this post! A friend of my from college (she went to State and I went to Meredith) asked me to make her wedding cake topper. She wanted something that would last so I sculpted these little figurines out of polymer clay. It was a lot like using gumpaste, just a little stiffer and it will last a lifetime. Here are the little cutey pattooty figurines - Mrs. Wolf (NC State) and PeeDee (ECU). Carolyn thought that one day she would have a Mr. Wolf next to the Mrs. Wolf but life surprised her with a PeeDee! I am thinking I might open up an etsy store to sell these...anyone have any experience with etsy??

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Downhill Ski Cake

We have had the most mild winter so far so I was happy to get to see some snow this week! My snow consisted of white fondant, but it was still fun to get in the wintry mood. This cake was for a 30th birthday party and the birthday boy loves to ski. It was quite a challenge, but these are my favorite cakes to make. I like to get creative!

Here is a portrait of the lil' ski dude. He turned out so cute I hated to say goodbye to him....

Here is another pose. He was quite the model.

These little pine trees were so much fun to make! My mind went crazy with possibilities for next Christmas. I rolled the gumpaste into a raindrop shape, took mini scissors to cut the branches and sprinkled a little snow on them.

And now here are a few pics of the messy project, but first take a look at my lil trooper. He was so good while I made this cake ...just chilled in his little chair and listened to mommy explain the steps of making the cake. I think his favorite part was watching me make the trees.

Here is the tiered cake ready to get carved. The bottom two layers are yellow butter cake with raspberry filling and the top tiers are triple chocolate.

A little messy carving....

and....wa la! We have a mountain like shape.

Rolling out the white fondant. Let me tell you, this step sure does work my arm muscles....I really want one of those slab rollers for fondant.

Here it is before I trimmed it up. I kind of think it looks like a ghost...

Here is a little peak of the molding process...my little ski dude was about to get some legs. I hope everyone enjoyed the cake!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chandelier Cake

Hello there...hope you are having a great weekend! I just finished up this birthday cake with a chandelier motif and standing monogram.  The party is taking place at the Angus Barn tonight and I must admit that my mouth is watering right now. The cake is the popular white almond with buttercream and covered in fondant. I piped the chandelier motif with royal icing and let me tell you our kitchen sink, as well as my fingers, turned a nasty black as I added the food coloring. I need to start wearing gloves, but I am not the neatest artist! Well I am off to spend the afternoon with my 2 boys who are currently watching the Syracuse basketball game. Dave is training Landon to cheer for Syracuse at 2 1/2 months old...I personally think he needs to just be a State fan. Happy weekend!