Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Emma!

My little niece turned the big 1 on January 23! I can't believe it has been a whole year since she was born. Each time I see her I fall more in love with her. She is such a sweet baby and has the cutest personality. Every time she opens a present she says "ooooo"'s the cutest thing ever! Brittany, her mom and my soon to be sister-in-law, loves Tinkerbell! Little Emma loves her too so I made two Tinkerbell cakes for her! The little pink one was a "smash" cake and the bigger one was for her party.

Before the cake -- gotta eat her greens!

I think she likes it!

She's in awe of all the cake.

Yep, she approves :) I think she should be my taster from now on!
                                                          Happy 1st Birthday Emma Grace!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lingerie Shower cupcakes

I'm so excited for one of my good friends, Taylor! She is getting married in May and I had the honor of making cupcakes for her lingerie shower. Taylor and I were roomates in the "Pink Palace" before Dave and I got married. Karoline, Taylor and I called it the Pink Palace because EVERYTHING was pink. What a perfect apartment for three single girls :) When I say everything, I mean everything - even a pink leather couch that Karoline and I found on Craigslist...awww memories. Anywho, lets get to the cupcakes! Karoline picked out the recipe for me to use - it is called "Hummingbird Cake" with cream cheese frosting. I really loved this recipe because it was so different from a basic chocolate or vanilla cake and it had a little fruity taste to it. Here is a description of the recipe "Hummingbird cake is a banana, pecan, and pineapple cake that is generously filled and topped with cream cheese frosting. This cupcake version adds the fruit and nuts to a yellow cupcake batter and covers the top of the cupcakes with thick swirls of cream cheese frosting. Piping the frosting through a star-shaped pastry tube is a fast way to add a fancy party finish." Doesn't it sound delectable?! For Christmas, my Secret Santa got me a fun cupcake kit complete with a recipe book and decorating tools and this is one of the recipes it included. Thanks Secret Santa!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reed's MONSTER Truck

This was the groom's cake that Leslie surprised Reed with at their Rehearsal dinner. She sent me a few pics of his truck and I made a replica of it. Getting the truck to stay on the big logo was quite a task and I was so happy to hear that it didn't fall off on the way to the rehearsal. Oh, and the big "Appalachian A" is also cake....triple chocolate, mmmm. Leslie sent me the recipe and it turned out really yummy. I am going to add it as one of my favorite recipes to use. I really like how the A turned out and I had so many pictures of it before I added the truck (my memory card crashed and I lost them all!). I know there are lots of App graduates out there who would love this cake for graduations, groom's cakes, the list could go on and on :)

Reed and Leslie's Wedding Cake

It's about time that I post again! I made this cake back in November for our friends Reed and Leslie. They had a BEAUTIFUL Fall wedding and wanted a wedding cake to fit the theme. I actually made cookie cutters for the maple shaped leaves and fit the cut outs into the fondant. The first leayer was white almond, second layer lemon and I think the top was chocolate. I actually was at this wedding and took so many pics of the reception that I wan't to share but my memory card crashed and I lost them all...ughhh!