Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reed's MONSTER Truck

This was the groom's cake that Leslie surprised Reed with at their Rehearsal dinner. She sent me a few pics of his truck and I made a replica of it. Getting the truck to stay on the big logo was quite a task and I was so happy to hear that it didn't fall off on the way to the rehearsal. Oh, and the big "Appalachian A" is also cake....triple chocolate, mmmm. Leslie sent me the recipe and it turned out really yummy. I am going to add it as one of my favorite recipes to use. I really like how the A turned out and I had so many pictures of it before I added the truck (my memory card crashed and I lost them all!). I know there are lots of App graduates out there who would love this cake for graduations, groom's cakes, the list could go on and on :)

1 comment:

  1. Tricia, this is so fun! You know, that truck was Brian's before he sold it to Reed. Reed definitely made it nice by fixing it up and we're so happy he did. It's fun to see the ol' truck make the cake!!