Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Dave!

I can't believe my hubby is now the BIG 3-0! We celebrated last weekend with a few traditions and completed it with a surprise party to end his special day.

We started the day off with a dozen donuts from Dunkin'! For the past 3 years I have surprised Dave with a "donut tree" complete with candles. Usually, there are so many candles it gets pretty smoky so I settled for the number candles this year. Dave, please don't get mad at me for posting this pic...I know you have some major "bed head" ;) You're still pretty handsome to me!
Did I mention Dave had a "Saturday birthday" this year? Weekend b-days are the best ever! Anywho, Rebekah and I bought Dave this way cool remote control helicopter. He loves it, but Daisy sure doesn't. She gets so scared when we are flying it around the kitchen and runs to hide. Poor thing, it's kinda funny to watch though.

Next, we treated ourselves to Macaroni Grill! I wrote "Happy Birthday Dave" on the table to see if we would get anything free (even though we had cake back home) and they brought us a yummy molten cake. We love some free birthday treats. I had to sneak Dave out of the house so my good friend Abby could get everything ready for Dave's surprise party. We killed some time walking around the mall and headed home....

And SURPRISE! We ended the night with a surprise party at our house. Somehow I kept the cake and everything a I think it was a success. I have always wanted to make a "topsy turvy" cake and decided it might be fun for this year. I must admit, it was quite a challenge! I thought I could just cut the pieces diagonal and stick them on top of each other. Hmmm...reality check. Despite taking it apart, re-assembling it, and a few tears I got it to somehow work out and look "topsy turvy". I also tried a new flavor - cookies n' cream!
Happy 30th to my wonderful, sweet and handsome baby daddy! I love you!

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