Saturday, November 13, 2010

I love the weekends :)

It's Saturday night and I must say that I am a VERY  blessed hubby is making dinner tonight. Not Tuna Helper or microwaved chicken breast (like he would make for me when we dated). Yes, I did say microwaved chicken and boy it was chewy!! I happened to be upstairs cleaning the bathroom and came down to find him in my apron and just had to snap a pic so here it is:

He's making manicotti btw :)

Unfortionately, I only have one cake to post about today! I am very sad because last weekend I had three cakes to post pics of and my memory card crashed. For some odd reason I can't get my pictures off of it. If you know of anyway to fix it please let me know! I always look forward to the pictures after making cakes because it is the only tangible thing I have left from my artwork (since they usually get eaten).

Here is a cake I made this weekend for a bachelorette/birthday party. I was able to do whatever I wanted so I went with pink and black and came up with this fun design. I hope the girls enjoyed it!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

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