Saturday, January 14, 2012

Monogrammed Wedding Shower Cake

And...we're back! Landon and I have been busy getting to know each other so cake baking has been put to the side for a few weeks. In case you didn't already know, Dave and I are now the proud parents of Landon David Eshleman, born November 28, 2011. Here are a few pics of the little guy helping mommy bake a cake....

He is so precious and I cannot believe God has blessed us with him! Being a mom is definitely challenging, but my little guy makes it all worth it. I love him so very much.

I was so excited that I had someone put in a cake order this week! I have been wanting to get back into baking and decorating, but business slowed down a bit right before Landon was born. I can't wait to get more orders, so please let me know if you are in need of a cake anytime soon. Here is the one that Landon and I worked on together:

This is a vanilla butter cake covered with buttercream and fondant. Of course, the famous quilted look made it very classy! Landon did an excellent job being patient with me as I tried to juggle taking care of him while making the cake. He was such a trooper, especially when we went to WalMart at 7:30am only to discover that they no longer sell Wilton cake products!! Good thing Michael's is just around the corner. I hope you have a fabulous weekend and I hope to be back blogging with more cakes soon :)


  1. cailey would love to be a mommy's helper to landon while you are baking:)

  2. Beautiful! How did you do the quilting pattern?