Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dinosaur 1st Birthday Cake

I'm lovin' this Dinosaur themed 1st birthday! I made this cake this past weekend for a little boy's first birthday. I loved the invite his mom sent me to design the cake from and the color theme. She was actually one of my first cake customers a few years back! I made her little girl's first birthday cake as well.

I cut the dinosaur shapes (inspired by the invite) out of fondant and "glued" them with clear vanilla around the white almond flavored cake (yum yum). I like to use clear vanilla for my "gluing" because it doesn't leave blotches when it dries.

 After delivering the cake, my boys and I spent some time shopping at Southpoint. Doesn't Landon look so cool and grown up with his sunglasses? Dave looks pretty studly himself ;)

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