Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Highway Patrol Groom's Cake

This is my most recent cake and it was quite a challenge. The order: groom's cake made to look like the groom's police badge, hat and hand cuffs. The mother of the groom sent me some pics and here is the final product. I usually like "cutsie cakes" but I always end up loving the challenge of realistic cakes!

Oops, don't look at our really messy kitchen table!! When I'm making cakes the house gets a little messy...

Here it is all put together and safely at its' destination. Delivering cakes is always a little nerve-wracking and I didn't have Dave with me to calm me down this time.

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  1. you are AMAZING!! kinsey is sitting here looking with me and said, "gasp" i want a rainbow cake!