Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Karoline!

This past Monday was my best friend's birthday. We have been best friends for 20 years!! I can't believe it. On Sunday, Dave and I threw her a birthday party. It was a a special treat that she happened to be home for her birthday because she now lives in the big city of Boston. She is attending Boston College and is getting her M.Ed. Educational Administration. I am so proud of her and can't wait to see what an amazing principal she turns out to be!!

I made her a banana cake with buttercream icing and it turned out super yummy. This was the first time I made a banana cake and everyone loved it. I always think of Kar when I see gingham (maybe it's cause we used to call her "Little Debbie"?) so I bought some gingham napkins from Target and made a little table runner with them (got the idea from Better Homes and Gardens). I was going to attempt to make a gingham pattern with fondant,but decided it might look better to use real ribbon so I just did the monogram out of fondant.

Here are all the guests eating Manicotti before digging into the cake! After the party, Karoline, Abby, Susannah and I spent some time flipping through our old highschool yearbook which brought back lots of memories!! I am so thankful for friendships that have lasted so long.

Monday morning (her actual birthday) I surprised her with a trip to the Tea Room in Wake Forest! When Karoline turned 10 she had a tea party for her birthday so I decided to try to "re-create" it for her. This place even had a dress up box. Soooo we got all dressed up with big hats, gloves and of course, PEARLS! It was so much fun...Happy Birthday Karoline with a K!!


  1. yay!! Thanks for the post and the pictures.. I left my camera in NC :( But was very thankful that I didn't leave it in the airport but in Sus' car.
    I love you and thanks so much for making my birthday so special :)

  2. Beautiful cake!
    I'm a gingham girl too... and monograms. Duh!