Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Julie and Richard's Wedding Cake

This past weekend was not only Richard and Julie's wedding but it was also my birthday! Here is the wedding cake I made for them. I love the look of different designs on each tier. The flavors: 1st tier - pound cake, 2nd tier - chocolate, 3rd tier- lemon, 4th tier - carrot. It was iced with buttercream, covered in fondant and every other tier was "quilted". I did the details with royal icing because it hardens and always looks so smooth.
For my birthday, Dave gave me a brand new PINK camera!! I am super excited because I take so many cake pictures and now it is a lot easier to do so. This past summer, I lost my pink cannon camera on the way to Uganda. I was so sad beacause some of my best friends bought it for me for my birthday a few years back. Anyways, Dave replaced it and is is 12 MP!! Can you tell the difference in the pics? ;)

I often get the question "how do you deliver wedding cakes?" so here are a few pics of the process. It is not an easy task and I always needs a second set of hands (usually Dave). It is easier to transport them in an SUV, but since we don't have one, we have figured out how to do it in "Haley the Honda" (my Honda Accord). Dave used to do the driving, but since he is from NY and drives like a maniac, we have decided it is best for him to sit with the cake and for me to drive :)

top half in the front of floor board of my car

Me putting the cake together and making some last minute touches at the reception site

The bottom half in the back seat of my car (which weighed about 50 pounds!!)

The finished product!!


  1. Tricia! This is BEAUTIFUL! I too love the look of the different designs on each tier. I want one. :) Since I'm already married, I'll have to get you to make an anniversary cake for Andy and me.

  2. I am AMAZED at how you are able to put it together once it's already made! Beautiful!

  3. Tricia, this is stunning!

    You are really perfecting your quilting technique and it looks amazing.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful!!!!!