Saturday, March 12, 2011

Emily and Josh's Wedding Cake

Emily and Josh's wedding cake was quite a treat for me to make! I love adding color to wedding cakes and lately I have had a lot of all white or ivory cakes. The paisley details was a big challenge for me though. I actually did not pipe it directly on the cake, but piped it on wax paper and let it dry over night before putting it on the cake.
Haha, I couldn't resist posting this pic! Dave always helps me deliver cakes and is a BIG help.

And here is the process I wrote about earlier. I enlarged and printed out the paisley pattern from Josh and Emily's invitation and used that as a template to pipe the pattern with royal icing. It hardended and I was able to used a little water to stick it on the cake. Unfortionately, it kept breaking so I made sure I piped a buch of extra pieces. This was not an easy process but I am happy how it turned out!

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  1. I love the detail you put into this cake...few people can put such delicate details (lacing) on a cake. It's beautiful!