Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Adam and Sus' Wedding

I am SOOO excited to finally blog about this cake. One of my good friends, from growing up, got married a few weeks ago. She is my best friend's older sister and I always thought that she was sooo pretty and cool when I was little (she still is!). I am so happy for her and Adam and cannot wait to see how God uses their marriage. Dave, Landon and I had so much fun at the wedding even though getting there was a little stressful! Transporting a cake 2 hours away with a little one in the back seat can keep you on your toes! To be completely honest with you, this was one of those cakes that I was scared to death about delivering. Buttercream cakes are a little more fragile and in the heat they often melt. The cake suprised me and turned out to be one of my fave wedding cakes so far! The ones I worry about seem to always be my favorites :) Anways - here it is.....

Alrighty, are you curious about the AMAZING cake stand yet?? My friend, Jill, made the stand and decorated the entire reception. Let me tell you, she is majorly talented and everything looked like it should be in a wedding magazine. I asked Sus' photographer (also super talented) to share some of the pics she took from the reception and here they are..

 Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous....what an absolutely beautiful day!!


  1. That stand is just old barn wood without your beautiful cake on top of it!!! But thank you for the shout out. You are the sweetest and so was your lil bit!!!! Maybe we can work together again sometime! ;-)

  2. The cake was even more beautiful in person.

  3. Looks great! Looking forward to partaking in your cake this weekend!

  4. Tricia that cake is BEAUTIFUL. I agree with you... it might be one of my favorites :)