Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding Cake

This past weekend I had quite a few cakes (3) to make, but I was able to organize my week and get them all completed just in time. Here is the wedding cake which turned out beautiful. I was so nervous about it because on the way to deliver, it slipped on the stand and I thought I was doomed (felt like I was on one of the cake shows). Once it was set up and all the flowers were place on it everything was just fine. The location was a beautiful house in downtown Raleigh and I LOVED how the cake setup was under a beautiful gazebo outside. The twinkle lights, even in the daylight, added a nice touch :) The cake was white almond with buttercream icing. I also tried a new technique by adding the lines (with an icing comb) around each tier. I like the texture it provided. I am now getting a little more used to buttercream cakes, although I prefer working with fondant.

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  1. Tricia, the cake was amazing! It was prettier than I imagined and the florals were perfectly placed! More than anything, it was crazy delicious!!! I didn't eat much on my wedding day but I did ensure I had a BIG slice of cake. The top tier will not be in our freezer a year. We plan to eat it on our one-month anniversary instead. Too good to leave in the freezer for a whole year!! :) Thank you SO much!!!!