Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Surprise Order

A few months ago I received an order from the editor of the book The Little Blue Truck! Back in the Spring I blogged here about my friend's Little Blue Truck birthday party. Apparently, that post is pretty popular because I have gotten a bunch of orders from people all over the country for those cookies and the cake topper. I have shipped some to Florida, Ohio, Alabama and now Boston.

Sooo, when the editor emailed I was super surprised to find out her order was for the illustrator and author of the book! She wanted to send them cookies as a congratulations on the success of their book (a very cute book I might add). Landon and I were very surprised to get the following thank you present....

And here is a pic of some of the cookies before I packaged them all up (Now THAT is a process when mailing cookies). I wrap the cookies individually in bubble wrap, then as a whole in bubble wrap, and finally put lots and lots of packing materials all around them. 

Let me tell you, that order sure made this North Carolina girl quite happy :)

I also recently shipped a smaller order of the same cookies along with another cake topper. This one is also made out of polymer clay, but I changed a few of the animals. Landon always wants to play with my toppers and especially this once since he loves The Little Blue Truck. 

Oh yeah, though I would share this picture of my little guy with ya'll as well: 

That's my precious little boy who likes to go through our trash can and find treasures (such as an empty bottle of blue food coloring). Boy of boy that was fun to clean up and his mouth was blue for the rest of the day ;)


  1. How cool is this!?!? Congratulations on reaching the masses with your Little Blue Trucks!

  2. I was one of the recipients of this order for your wonderful Little Blue Truck cookies! It was a GREAT surprise. I shared the cookies with some other Truck fans. Thank you!