Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hexagon Wedding Cake

This past weekend I made my biggest wedding cake yet and had to purchase a new cake stand to fit it on! It was a hexagon shape which was also new to me. It was 5 tiers, but the bottom two tiers were made out of styrofoam.

The most difficult part of this cake was cutting the styrofoam into the exact hexagon shape. I used a styrofoam cutter (found in the floral section at Michael's) to cut it but I think this job was way too big for that little cutter. I ended up pulling out a kitchen knife and using that as well. This part took me a whole day to do (something I thought would only take an hour or so)! In the life of cake making this is often the case - something you think will take no time at all takes a lot longer to do then expected.

The other tiers were red velvet and vanilla. I really like how the quilting technique turned out on the hexagon shape. I also made the roses out of gumpaste. The bride and groom provided the ring cake topper and asked me to put a "ring motif" around some of the tiers. This cake was covered with buttercream and fondant.

Check out my new cake stand! I ordered it from Amazon and Landon has enjoyed playing in the box it was packed it. It is a 20" round and I honestly have no idea where I am going to store it. 

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